Velux Blinds

Velux blinds are high quality window treatments which have been designed to fit the special needs of Velux Windows.  Our online offer includes roller, blackout, pleated, venetian and awning Velux blinds in a variety of colours and styles and you will surely find the right window covering for you are you the possibility to choose one of the standard Velux sizes.

Each Velux window has an identity plate fixed to the frame.  This plate contains a code which identifies the size and type of window.  This code is used to order Velux blinds.  No measuring of the window is required.  If you have the code you can ring 087 2695739 and we will be happy to give you price for the desired blind over the phone.  The delivery time is 5 days.

Made out of quality fabrics with special components which make them stain and UV resistant, the roller and blakout Velux blinds are the most suitable choice for those spaces where you need a clean, simple design and protection.  While roller blinds are suitable for spaces like playrooms and offices, the blackout version of the Velux blinds are suitable for rooms where you need a high degree of privacy such as bedrooms.

Velux make six different types of blinds for the range of Velux Roof Windows.  They are Velux Blackout Blinds, Duo Blackout Blinds, Remote Control Solar Blackout Blinds, Velux Venetian Blinds, Velux Roller Blinds, Velux Flying Pleated Blinds.  Look for the genuine Velux blinds.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds block light completely from entering the room.  The blind fabric is aluminium backed and allows no diffusion of light through.  Also the blind is fitted with side channels which help to keep light from coming in the side of the blind.

Duo Blackout Blinds

Duo blinds combine two blinds namely the blackout blind and a pleated blind.  The idea is to allow a comprehensive form of light and privacy control.  The plastic part of the blind is a translucent white fabric which will give you privacy but will allow some light to enter the room.

Remote Control Blinds

Velux also have some remote control options for the Blackout Blinds.  Remote control blinds are battery operated and do not require an electrician to install them.  The battery is recharged by solar power and as per the specification it is good for up to 600 operations every year.  Electric blinds are also available and are recommended for electronically operated Velux windows.  Electric window blinds will of course require an electrician to install them.

Venetian Blinds

Velux Venetian blinds are easy to install, operate and maintain as they are made of aluminium.  The width of the slats and their position offers you complete control over the light that comes into the room.

Venetian blinds control the angle that the light enters the room.  Lower the blind to any position and tilt the slats to any angle.  The slats on a Venetian blind are tilt adjusted by a knob on the side of the blind.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds diffuse the light and provide privacy.  The blind may be lowered to any position.  The collection of 60 fabrics available in a range of colours and all light diffusing fabrics.

Flying Pleated 

Pleated blinds will surely complete the design of your space and will soften the exterior light, keeping your room bright.  Fashionable choices for your windows, these blinds are also highly functional products offering protection and insulation at the same time.

Velux have added a new type of pleated blind to the range.  Flying pleated blinds are not fixed to the blind frames are not fixed the blind frame which is situated at the top of the blind.  This allows the pleated blind to be opened and positioned covering any position of the window while the light may still enter above and below the flying pleated blind.  This is a more flexible form of light control.  The pleated blinds are made from a translucent cloth.

Awning Blinds

Awning blinds are revolutionary products suitable for loft windows.  They are placed on the exterior of your windows and can be installed and operated from the interior.

Extension Poles and Window Blind adapters

Extension poles and window blind adapters are also available to accommodate Velux windows that are located high and beyond the reach of the user.  One adapter is required for each window and the extension pole is to be used to open or close.