Roller Blinds

Roller blinds provide the functionality and sophistication, while offer different levels of privacy and light control.Popular in every room in the house, roller blinds are durable and easy to maintain. Available in plain, textured and patterened fabrics to suit any style of interior design.

 If you are looking for an efficient way of getting the privacy you need, protect the furniture of your room from the damaging effects of the sun and complete the decor of your home at the same time, then the line of the roller blinds we offer you are the perfect solution to your problem.  These made to measure window coverings are the perfect choice for you as they are easy to install, clean and maintain and are made out of high quality fabrics with special components which make them very resistant in time.

Our exclusive roller blind collection includes various finishes, shapes and poles, blackout fabrics, smooth operating system, side control in white, roller kit, brackets in white, skylights and more.

Extensive fabrics range of colours is presented on line: yellow, blue, navy, primrose, green, denim, white, decorative flower, cream, being, black, pink, red and terracotta.  The roller blinds are made to measure and they are delivered free within Ireland.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Want a lot of privacy?  Want to keep the sun out of your home?  Want to give your home a designer look?  The the blackout roller blinds are the answer to your problem.  The special fabrics they are made from have a high density ensuring intimacy.  The blackout roller blinds come in various colours and patterns, so that you have the chance to find the best to suit your home.  These window coverings are best suited for spaces where you need a lot of privacy like bathroom windows or bedroom windows but by putting your creative side at work you can find the best fit for them anywhere in the house.  They can be made to measure and they come with decorative rods depending on your needs.

The prices of the Roller Blinds vary an depend on the material you pick and the finish you have chosen.  Please see the following steps:

          1.  Choose the material

The materials are divided into 5 categories or ranges – E, 1, 2, 3 and 4

The E is the Economy and then there is 1, 2, 3 and the highest in the range is 4.

          2.  Choose the finish of the blind.

Having chosen the material you will need to choose the finish of the bottom of the blind

The shapes of the bottoms of the roller blinds can vary.  For that reason you will be asked if you are looking for a plain, scalloped or turret finish.

The Plain Finish of the bottom of the blinds is the most cost effective option and very popular as a contemporary finish for all type and size of window.

The Scalloped Finish is a shape that is attached on to the bottom of the blind.  You can choose any of the shapes as they are all the same price.  Attaching this extra piece onto the blind will add a little on to the cost, resulting in this option being a little more expensive than the Plain Finish.

The Turret Finish is the most expensive option of all three finishes.  We attach the scallop or the shape you have chosen to the bottom of the blind and then we add the turret or the pole going through the bottom of the material.  Please ask ou representative about these finishes and he/she will be happy to give you the prices of the three options.

          3.  The operation of the Blind

There are 2 options for the operation of the blind and they are the Tassel and the Friction Mechanism.

The Tassel is a pull cord that is attached to the centre of the bottom rail.  There is also the option to fit large rings going through the material on the bottom of the blind, both these options operate the blind in the same way – by pulling the actual blind.

The Friction Mechanism otherwise known as the Chain Pull.  This is a chain on the side of the blind which is pulled to operate the blind.  The chain can either be white or chrome.  With choosing the Friction Mechanism you are saving the blind by not pulling the material in the middle when operating the blind.  The Friction Mechanism is the very popular with the Plain Finish blinds as the finish is kept plain without anything hanging from the bottom of the blind