Plantation Shades

The unique design of the Plantation Shade provides maximum privacy and room darkening, thanks to its revolutionary cording system. With a selection of colours available in 50mm and wide 64mm slat, the overall appearance of this eye-catching shade is very similar to the look of a plantation shutter, but the value is much lower of the shutters.

At a glance
• shutter-like control of light and privacy
• lightweight, eco-friendly wood
• 2 modern slat widths and 8 beautiful colours

Product variations

Wider slat widths for a contemporary look Plantation Shades are available in 50mm and 64mm slats for a contemporary look and maximised outside view. Inspired by shutters, these shades are decorative, durable and easily operated, and with no cord holes visible they give perfect privacy when closed. Colours & materials Beautiful colours. The selection of slats offer choices from romantic white and soft cream through vintage wood finishes to rich, dark wood stains. All Plantation Shade slats are made of Phoenix wood, a lightweight, fast-growing wood that can be harvested up to 12 times from the same root, thus reducing the impact on the environment.
Luxurious finish Plantation Shades feature a contemporary, adjustable valance and a discreet bottom rail, complementing the luxurious overall look.