Home Organisation & Interior Design

Tzvetanka McFadden is Peter’s wife. Arrived in 1996 from Bulgaria with diploma in economics, Tzvetanka was more interested in starting something on her own than working in an office environment, she started small crèche in Lucan. In a few years Westside blinds was born and her time and effort was taken by the new venture.

Despite been very busy, Tzvetanka went after her dream and obtained a diploma in Interior design from the Rhodec interior design college, Dublin. As she always loved and has taken great pride of her home, Tzvetanka developed over the year’s great experience in home organisation and can offer her clients extensive range of tips, home arrangements and professional help with organising your apartment, house or office.

The service can be offered to you even from a distance if you send us a photo of the area you think that needs attention. Once the photo is received Tzvetanka will be able to give you the advice how the space to be arranged, the items which need to go, and colours to be painted, furniture which needs to go or added.

Tzvetanka’s number is 0876202989 and her e-mail is westsidehomeandgarden@gmail.com. The price for advice from a distance via an email is €75 and includes the first initial consultation send to you by Tzvetanka.